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Often it's reaching out to someone for help that is the hardest part. I'm glad you're here.

Maybe you have lost touch with your inner voice. Or the inspiration that gets you out of bed. Maybe you have lost trust in yourself and feel stuck, overwhelmed or uncertain.  

Many of my clients seek me out to reconnect to themself, to others, and to their inner wisdom. I work often with others in their journey through identity explorations, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, body image and the healing of trauma.

My approach is holistic, collaborative and rooted in mindfulness, body-based therapies and intersectionality. I aim to hold curious, compassionate space and empower my clients to reconnect to the voice of their innate wisdom. It is my belief that many of the difficulties we encounter in our lives are due to separation, whether it be from caregivers, community, or our own body and heart. Healing can begin by reaching out to another for guidance and reestablishing connection. 

Being human can be complicated, challenging and messy. It also can be unpredictably beautiful and joyful. As your therapist, my aim is to support you as you grow into all of what you are capable of in this life. 

I would be honored to walk alongside you in this next chapter.

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