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Our relationships with our bodies can be complicated. Our bodies hold our history, our ancestry, and the systems woven into our society. Maybe being aware of our bodies brings up anxiety or fear or shame. We may at times forget we have a body at all. Yet, our bodies can also provide us with invaluable information about our needs, boundaries and intuition. With gentleness, curiosity and practice, our bodies can become a powerful ally on our human journey. 

The aim of this 12 - week group is to provide you with a space to explore coming back home to the innate wisdom of your body. Sessions will incorporate mindfulness practices, somatic tools, yoga therapy and Polyvagal Theory to support learning about your nervous system, reacquainting yourself with your body and reclaiming it as a trustworthy resource. During each group, there will also be opportunities for individual check-ins, personal reflection and group processing. 

Kind words from past participants:

"I have found this group to be very helpful in modeling practices for supporting the nervous system. I feel like I am building a repertoire and exploring resilience by choosing to engage with what is coming up - even when it is hard. I have also appreciated the group's meaningful dialogue about our individual lived experiences with anxiety and these tools. One of the biggest realizations is knowing that I am not alone in facing these challenges and that anxiety is often a valid and understandable response to everything we balance in the collective and personal. I have found a deep sense of solidarity and compassion in this."

"I really enjoy the adaptability and flexibility offered in this group. While it maintains a familiar structure week to week, I feel that Jess does a wonderful job leaning in to the needs of the participants and shifting the session's practices as needed. Whatever we choose to engage with feels relevant to the present moment's needs. This is helpful as it models the practice we are working to cultivate - tending to what is here. I also have deep appreciation for the space offered in group. We can put into practice tending to our needs. I find that honoring of self really sacred. Being in a group setting where that type of caring for yourself is not only acceptable, but encouraged, has been so radical and important to me personally."

Where: Online

When: Every Monday (with some exceptions) | Weekly for 12 weeks | 6 - 7:30pm 

Cost per session: Sliding scale, $30 - 60 

Group limited to 6 participants. 

To be added to the email list for future groups, please email me

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Embodied Homecoming: Monthly Gathering


This monthly offering is for current or past participants of the group, Embodied Homecoming, to join in community, check-in and share practice. Our time together will include individual reflection, group discussion, the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on the utilization of tools outside of session, and guided mindfulness and somatic practice. 

Next group begins in the New Year. 


Where: Online

When: First Mondays (with some exceptions) | 6 - 7:30pm 

Cost per session: Sliding scale, $30 - 60 

To be added to the email list for the next group, please email me

Nervous System Care: Embodied Resources

If you have been feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by all that is going on in our local and global communities, you’re not alone. While there may be a lot we cannot change, we can have some say in how we are showing up for ourselves, and in turn, our loved ones and our community at large.


Join me for for this virtual workshop hosted by Three Moon Collective to increase understanding of how our nervous systems function, so we can also shift how we relate and respond to ourselves in the face of stress. Equipped with accessible and adaptable tools, we can establish greater self-regulation, build resiliency and even find calm within the storm.

In this workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Foundational understanding of the nervous system and Polyvagal Theory

  • How to “map” your nervous system

  • Somatic tools to soothe anxiety and stress, support nervous system regulation and build resiliency


Our time together will also incorporate group check-ins, personal reflection and an all levels movement practice to encourage the grounding and centering of our nervous systems.

Open to all bodies.

Video from this workshop available to purchase through Three Moon Collective

Past Offerings

Restorative Yoga for Anxiety


Next Series: TBD


Unwind and soothe your nervous system in this 6 - week restorative yoga series specifically designed to ground and support your anxiety. Each session will offer tools for cultivating a deeper sense of calm and ease within your body and in your daily life. Research has shown that restorative yoga can help to:


  • lower cortisol and create a buffer for chronic stress

  • soothe the nervous system

  • boost the immune system

  • restore muscle and brain function

  • support digestion which in turn supports mood regulation

  • reduce stress and anxiety


Each session will include gentle movement to warm up the body and encourage blood flow as well as restorative postures to ground and soothe the nervous system. Restorative yoga utilizes props to support the body in a fully supported position that are held for an extended period of time (up to 5 - 10 minutes) to encourage the body and mind to rest. Throughout the practice, mindfulness tools, breathwork and meditations specifically to address anxiety will also be incorporated. Each class will also provide opportunities for personal reflection and group processing as well as invitations for home practice. 

Where: Fjord Collective (near Fishermen's Terminal)

When: Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm | TBD

Cost: Sliding scale, $125 - 175


All levels welcome. Limited to 8 participants. 

To register, please email Jess


Whether you are living with a roommate, family member or significant other, staying home full-time has presented new (or amplified old) challenges for many of us. While there may be a lot we cannot change right now, we can have some say in how we are showing up for ourselves, and in turn, our loved ones. By learning the language of our nervous systems, and that of our partner’s, we can foster communication, understanding and support during times of stress.

Join me for this virtual workshop hosted by Three Moon Collective to explore supporting co-regulation and connection through somatic tools and movement practice. This workshop is open to all forms of partnership, whether roommates, family members, or romantic couples.

In this workshop, we will explore:
• Understanding the basics of co-regulation
• Creating a common language about the nervous system to foster communication between partners
• Somatic tools to soothe stress and support nervous system regulation both individually and between partners
• Individual movement practice focused on grounding and centering
• Partner movement practice to explore building trust, playfulness and communication through words, touch, and breath

Our time together will also incorporate personal reflections and group check-ins. Please come prepared to provide and receive physical touch and support from your partner. This workshop will also be recorded and sent as a replay for those who are unable to join us live.


Where: Online via Zoom

When: TBD

Cost per session: pay-what-you-can and 25% of proceeds going to the Seattle Foundation's Covid-19 Response Fund.