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Are you a therapist wanting to learn more about incorporating somatic practices into your sessions?

Are you a yoga teacher curious about incorporating nervous system awareness into your classes?

Are you a leader looking to incorporate more awareness of burnout into your organization?

Mentorship for therapists:

  • Learn the basics of tracking your own nervous system and developing nervous system care tools that can be utilized throughout your workday

  • Learn the basics of tracking the nervous system of your clients and the important role this can play in your work together

  • Explore ways of incorporating embodiment and somatic practices into sessions to support the regulation and resilience of your clients

Mentorship for yoga teachers:

  • Increase your understanding of how your offerings can be tailored to support the nervous systems of your students

  • Consult on the development of your lesson plans, classes and workshops

Consultation for business owners and leaders:

  • Explore nervous system tools to support your resilience and longevity as a leader

  • Learn about the role that our nervous systems play in the workplace

  • Workshops designed for the workplace to cover topics such as productivity, stress, burnout, and more

To inquire, please reach out to learn more.

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